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Hi. My name is Irene and I don't like people. Most of them. Also I study Japanese and I sometimes write fiction. When I grow up I want to be a Disney princess.


A little experiment with resin. They will be made into magnets.

The fish are made from polymer clay and the “water” is resin. The octopuses glow in the dark.

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Anonymous asked: Why can't you just accept Warehouse is over and Pyka is canon?







100% accurate gif of me when I got yet another of these in my inbox.

You know how many of these type of asks I get even still? Mostly I ignore them, the two people who came off-anon I answered, but let me say this as clearly as possible:

I accept that Warehouse 13 is over. I accept that in the television show, Warehouse 13, Pyka is canon.

Happy? I accept it. I’m assuming I get these because (despite the fact I neither actor nor character tag most of the sets) I do leave Atlanta in the ‘Warehouse 13’ tag. (How dare I?!)

In fact, I’d say it’s pretty clear from the fact that my main work is a fix-it -that being, a thing that accepts the canon and goes, “Yeahno, got to finish that differently” - that I broadly am aware of what happened on my television screen.

And if you mean “Why don’t you stop talking and blogging and making things about it?” The answer is very simple.

It’s because this fandom is so fucking brilliant. There are still things to be hashed and rehashed, there are still people coming new to the show, still amazing manips and fics and gifs (and ballet AUs - ALL THE AUS) to be made and the longer that continues the better imo. Fandom doesn’t stop just because the show does.

I pity you if you think it has to. And I also question why you’re hanging around the Warehouse tag ‘noning bloggers if you think we should stop creating content the second the last episode is done.

Also, your ship happened, my ship was shat on, so excuse me if I indulge in some therapeutic content creation. No… wait… don’t excuse me, just hit the fucking ignore button. Then you need never see me and my gifs again.

lol “accept” awww. This dumbass has no idea how fandom actually works. That’s so cute. I’d love to see them go into the Destiel tag and ask one of the BNF Destiel shippers why they can’t “accept” Dean and Cas will never be canon. Just let me know beforehand so I can get popcorn and beer and watch. 


This is an interesting concept, isn’t it?

Because accepting a thing that is so flawed as Pete’s terrible characterization and Myka’s practically nonexistent character growth and the absolute botch job that was the entirety of that plot arc is like saying, “here, have this cookie. Eat this cookie. It’s burned and made from dog shit but you must eat this cookie.”

No…no, anon. I am not required to eat the shit cookie. I am not required to do a damned thing.

I genuinely feel sorry for you if you are that garbage, because regardless of how you feel about that relationship, you at a cookie made of shit. There are so many better ways Pyka could have happened. That? That all felt like a bad whammy.

So go eat your shit cookie, anon. There were better flavors in that show, and I will remember those tastes instead.

Who needs shit cookies when the fandom can bake up an


… or several hundred.

Warehouse is over and Pyka is ‘canon’ (if you want to call that horrifying scene canon) meanwhile we have the gifmakers, the manippers, the artists, the fanfic writers, the meta, the actors themselves, the songwriters and musicians, the injokes, the hijacked posts, the AUs, the t-shirts and phone cases. 

Pyka has canon. We have an actual fandom

And Meghan Ory. 




"she’s really pissed off."

The little last bit there where when she staples his foot to the floor and he realizes she’s going win and he suddenly snaps into good guy ward and out of who he really is, trying to play on her humanity, trying to act like oh now he is sorry, conveniently as he’s about to lose, and she punches him in the throat. And that’s SUPER IMPORTANT.
Because firstly it means he can’t talk anymore. His words have been his greatest weapon so far, they have made him able to manipulate the team. Second because it means he is still conscious. She could have knocked him out but no, she wants him to see this. To see them win, to see Hydra fall.
Apparently ward fans think she used “excessive force” by punching him in the throat when she had already “won.” No, she was doing what needed to be done: stoping him from being able to continue his sick, sick manipulation of the people she loved. Because he preys on people’s humanity and goodness because that’s how Garret trained him. And she knows her team is good and would show mercy if he begged. So she does this for them.

Best explanation of this scene yet

THANK YOU. I really don’t like redeemed!Ward, It just doesn’t seem plausible

chameleonlurks enjoy

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Happiest of birthdays to Ms. Jaime Murray, the monarch of this vast and glorious queendom.


Happiest of birthdays to Ms. Jaime Murray, the monarch of this vast and glorious queendom.

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